Thanks for visiting! 734 seems like an appropriate, if arbitrary, number of adventures to aim for over the next five years as I complete my PhD, so here we go…

I can’t promise any consistency in my adventuring schedule (what with exams, and all…) but I can promise that there will always be photos and probably puns. So if you’re interested, please sign up for notifications from this blog, and join me for what promises to be an exciting and studious ride!

Literally anything counts as adventure – hiking in the Sierras, flying across the country, or welcoming a friend from out of town are all obvious. But I’m all about finding the adventures in daily life, so game night with local friends, family dinner with the whole house, or even an afternoon spent in the garden qualify as well.

I studying engineering at UC Berkeley, which is an adventure in and of itself. Hopefully other people living in (or visiting!) 734 will join me in writing about their adventures, but for now it’s just me. If you want to stay apprised, follow this blog! The math says I should be adventuring every 2.49 days to have 734 Adventures in 5 years, but no promises the blog follows that schedule (I promise the blog won’t follow that schedule).